Subject matter missing from your college class?

I am new to blogging, and honestly, I find it scary. What to write, who will read my posts, are they good enough?  Then it hit me…be myself and discussions will follow. Here it goes…

Before pursuing an accounting degree, I really wanted to be a homicide detective. I know, you’re asking yourself…. how does a person go from wanting to be a homicide detective to an accountant…right?  Life decided for me. Mom worked as an accountant, and I spent a lot of time helping her with billing, monthly statements, and daily accounting functions.  It was interesting to me, and made the career change. 

While attending college, I noticed none of my accounting classes covered the day to day operations of accounting, such as applying accounts receivable, details of accounts payable entry or how to complete a W-4, I-9, or W-9. All functions and forms every bookkeeper & accountant need to know.  Thankfully, my mother was my mentor AND I had several years of accounting under my belt before attending college. 

For those of you in college, is there a subject matter you noticed was not covered in any of your classes that should have been? If so, did you do anything to address this with the university? 

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